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E-mail Sam
5/7/08, 7:49 AM

I’ve seen some posts here and there online in regards to PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH 105. It’s coming out May 2008. In other news, post-production has begun on SLAMFEST 2. The new nine inch nails album is FREE! Go download The Slip NOW!

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E-mail Jeremy
DVDs Finally For Sale!
3/19/08, 4:13 PM

In case you wanted to see my face on your TV set in all of its crystal clear nastiness we have DVDs for sale right on this site! Buy this fucking DVD!! Slamfest Complete DVD Set Or this one:Homeless in Denton Season 2 DVD Set. They’re fucking cheap! We put our very own ball sweat in to each and every copy. No outsoursed labor here.

Also look out for the Smashed Update DVD set soon and Watch the next put it in your mouth!! while you’re at it BITCHES!!!
Also Beaver Machine resurfaces from the depths of 2003 to haunt your ears. Listen to our old band! Feel free to download and distribute everything.

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E-mail Chad
The End of the Fight to End All Fights Ever
3/2/08, 8:45 PM

I hope you all checked out the latest Smashed Update over at our affiliate site, Donkey Kong Universe. Keep an eye on that spot for the most recent news on the Smashed Update front, at least for now. You could also do worse than signing up at that site’s forums. And, as always, check out File Two Productions, which is the other half of this mutant conjoined twin production company monster roaming around the world. I guess that would make me the liver shared by both heads… only I process alcohol much more efficiently.

But that’s not what this is about. I’m here to let you know that the final six fights of SLAMFEST are available for your viewing pleasure. The home stretch is a pretty good one, seeing some David Lynch backwards talking, Schroder step into his own as a commentator, and the final fight spectacular that puts the Bums face-to-face with one of the actual combatants.

That’s not enough? Christ, you’re demanding. I have half a mind to Put it in Your Mouth.

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