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The Triumphant Return of Put It In Your Mouth & E$e M
5/8/11, 11:22 AM

You’ve probably seen the newest episode of PIIYM (201), but if not, prepare a hurl area and press play! I’ve also been working on a new album by E$e M, releasing tracks as I finish them at my YouTube page, as well as producing a new web series called “Spacetruckers”. C.H.A.D. is actually doing guest vocals on the next episode of the aforementioned show, viewable at at Fast Food Video. We’re bringin’ it back hardcore.

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In Your Mouth Season 2
8/8/09, 9:28 AM

To all you loyal subscribers, here’s the straight dope from the farm animal’s mouth: We just got done filming episode 202 of Put it in Your Mouth… and while I was unable to be there in Japan, we utilized modern technology to make the transition as seamless as possible. Big thanks to the Melbourne-borne Andrew Buchanan, who filled in for me on camera-holding duties.

And while all of this should be arriving to you well after the next 6 or 7 Season 1 episodes get edited, here’s a quick taste of what the whole process looked like on my end. Rest assured: the gas mask was VERY necessary.

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Namasensei’s Fuckin Japanese test 2
4/14/09, 2:43 AM

The link to the hundred challenge TEST is here:
Lick my balls.

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